How can the Athens community discover and support its hardworking artists?


Help artists in small town Athens, GA meet their goals - whether it's greater discoverability, more collaborations, or more purchases from their Etsy store.

Athens is home to a small body of incredible artists - from blossoming student to local professionals and world renowned names who create meaningful work deserving of attention, discovery, and support. Our city works hard at preserving our special economy of artists, hosting many craft fairs, selling local goods in our shops, and dedicating time and resources to co-working spaces, classes, and community-building events. 

However, there is not a great way to stay connected to artists you discover and love. A person goes to a craft fair and buys an awesome screen-printed hand towel, yet forgets who created it, where they could get another, and never find out that the artist could be commissioned for your upcoming wedding. Down the street, a new mom creating beautiful brand identities from her home lacks the flexibility and promotional opportunities that could acquire enough work to support her family. 

I dreamed up AthensMade as the place where Athens residents and visitors save and keep up with the creations and artists found around town and support them all year round. 

You can view a prototype of the site here or browse some of the designs I've shown below.