Hi, I'm Julie Rodriguez.
I graduated from the University of Georgia in May 2016 where I studied Graphic Design. Halfway through college, I started engaging more with our New Media lab and began practicing User Experience Design. I consulted on digital strategy and UX with many local start ups, assisted with Thinc.UGA, our design thinking initiative, and finished my college career with a funded thesis on interdisciplinary design education while studying emerging service design methodology and practice.

I apply my background in visual communication and design thinking with my experience creating products for business analytics, SEO, social networks, and more to approach projects with a balanced perspective of business strategy, deep understandings of user needs, and visual design. I strive to create engaging, scalable products solving problems and pain points effectively and have a positive impact on the user's quality of life. 

You can reach me at 770.846.4414 and juge.rodriguez@gmail.com.

In my free time, I love trying out new products and reading about startups on ProductHunt, especially. Some of my favorites this year were KiteBobbyPin, and ReelGood. I also enjoy playing sports with my friends, reading fiction, and cooking with sweet potatoes as much as possible. (Current favorite recipe). 

Contacting me is easy. 

Hiring me is awesome. 
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Gallop Strengths Finder
1. Ideation
2. Positivity
3. Woo (winning others over)
4. Input
5. Adaptability