Unifying the Seller Labs Brand

This is an ongoing project.

Began project and joined by additional designer halfway through. Collaborative process and reviews/iteration.


2 months

I was initially hired at Seller Labs as their first designer to visually evaluate all of their products (4, at the time) and create a visual brand and style guide, and map out a plan for easing the products onto the unified styling. With 4 different tech stacks, this took several iterations to get to a place that was feasible.

Context & Constraints

My first and ongoing project consulting for Seller Labs was to take four products that looked completely different and turn them into a uniquely branded, unified suite of products that could eventually be bundled as one price subscription. 


A significant hurdle was that each product had been created by a different engineer, before the vision of the unified suite had been established. One product was written in Clojure, another in php and Foundation as the front-end framework. You get the picture. Additionally, the staff was short front-end developers, and the new visuals needed to be a relatively low effort, and flexible enough to fit into the 4 front-end frameworks being used. 


Since 3 of the 4 products were still in development, my first solution idea was to  todo the hardest thing first: choose one front-end framework in order to avoid tech debt in the future. This route was not chosen, and I had to move forward with a structure that Bootstrap, Materialize, Foundation, and ClojureScript could mimic without compromising fidelity. 


Business Goals:

  • Create a look & feel for the Seller Labs products that made them fit together for a future pricing model 

  • Build trust with our customer base - evoking a "from the makers of Feedback Genius" type-feel.

  • Learn one, learn them all structure of information and tasks, to reduce time spent learning a new application and increase friction of switching

  • Address key interaction and visual design issues on products built solely by back-end engineers. 


User Goals: 

  • Reduce time spent learning how to learn a new product 

  • Feel confident in the trustworthiness, maintenance, and support for software tools used, when there are so many Amazon seller tools on the market.